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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

More Arthur Andersen accounting fallout

News.com: WorldCom finances in upheaval; CFO fired. "WorldCom fired its top financial executive Tuesday after discovering that the company had improperly accounted for almost $4 billion on its corporate balance sheets over the last five quarters... Taking the new information into account, the company said it would have reported a net loss for 2001 and the first quarter of 2002... In its statement, the company said that Arthur Andersen, which also came to notoriety in the Enron collapse, had audited the financial statements in question."
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The Register: BBC takes big sledgehammer to small nerd. "Radio scanners are a threat to national security which imperil the lives of the Royal Family and others, thanks to the activities of ne(rd)'re do wells who publicise how to listen into police radio communications. That's the conclusion of a sensationalist piece by the BBC's Today programme which uses unsourced security service contacts and MPs to vilify Hertford-based radio scanning enthusiast Paul Wey."
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Chris Sherman: Teoma vs. Google, Round Two. "In a nutshell, the search engine goes beyond traditional keyword and text analysis and seeks out 'hubs' and 'authorities' related to your query terms -- a 'social network' of related content that forms a "community" about the topic. The cool thing about Teoma is that its community-seeking behavior is both query-specific, and happens in real time." Hype?
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