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Daily Permalink Thursday, March 07, 2002

This is too funny. Google now comes in several languages:

Muppet's Swedish Chef version:
Elmer Fudd version:
Hacker version:
Pig Latin version:
Even Klingon:

Hey, Doc: you gotta go with Buzz Bruggeman to a Duke game. I think I got that one beat. On April 4 my son and I are going with Buzz to watch the Space Shuttle take off. I can't wait! After that we're going to Disney World.

New Orleans, here I come! I just found out I'll be going to TechED the week of April 9. Will you be there? Wanna get a weblogger dinner going? Email me.

You all know I love Radio, right? Well, get this, I can type once and publish to many places. Try that with FrontPage David! :-) (I'm using Radio's categories feature, which lets me publish once to a variety of different Weblogs).

Anyway, I'm rethinking which weblogs I'll keep publishing. I am starting back up my Windows XP one, although really not much has happened in the XP space lately.

I will probably start a PocketPC weblog soon. I'm really loving my PocketPC (anyone got some good tips or software? Email em to me).

Today I don't have any links to anyone else. That's done on purpose. I don't want any traffic yet. If I link to other people's sites they'll know I'm publishing again and I'll start getting traffic. I wanna get back into some flow first. It's hard to write after taking a few months off.

I had lunch today with the founder of a nice book company. You figure out which one.

Anyway, I learned a few things.

1) An Outlook .PST file can not be bigger than 2GB or Outlook will crash and keep you out of your email. Fixable, but the fix has to be emailed to you and isn't on Microsoft's site.

2) 10% of a book company's books make up 90% of its sales and profits.

3) C# and ASP.NET books are selling very well.

4) VB.NET are selling well, but there are about 40 VB.NET books out there and 117 announced (according to Amazon) so the chances of any one book company making much money off of VB.NET is pretty slim.

5) This particular company hired the former Webmaster of Industry Standard magazine, but is paying him less than half what he was making at his old job.

6) The guy I met for lunch continues to get streams of unsolicited resumes from people who've been laid off from other publishing companies here in the Bay Area.

7) He just bought a 1.3AMD system for about $400 complete. He says that this is the new reality -- that you need to watch every dollar and make sure you don't waste any money if you wanna be profitable and stay in business.

Back to work!

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