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Daily Permalink Monday, March 18, 2002

Today in Silicon Valley the weather is absolutely stunning. There's snow on our higher hills and you can see 80 miles or more with a crystaline blue sky. Awesome.

Adding to the awesomeness is UserLand's announcement of the Radio Community Server (read all about it on Dave's Scripting News weblog). This is a great way of building a new type of community -- one centered around weblogs. I'm already working with a couple of companies to build RCS communities. I hope to see yours soon!

Phil Wolff talks about my weblogger camping trip idea.

On the weekends I listen to Bob Brinker, who gives financial advice (he's on a ton of radio stations in the US including KGO AM in San Francisco). His Web site is one of the best done by a radio guy anywhere. You can get a summary of what he's talked about and then if you're interested in that segment of his radio show you can listen to the audio clip too.

I've been listening to him for more than a decade and it's amazing how accurate he's been.

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