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Daily Permalink Saturday, March 09, 2002

OK, if you're gonna live the Internet lifestyle you need a domain. Well, quite a few of my readers have told me this is the place to get a cheap domain:

Are you an out of work Web designer? Need a laugh? Here's a funny reminder of what work is really like.

Ahh, another Windows XP user who keeps a Radio Weblog about XP! Steven Vore's Windows XP Weblog is here.

Sean Nolan is one of those "dotbomb survivors." He used to be pretty high up at, but now he has a new idea: keeping kids safe on the Internet. I like this idea since my eight year old son has already gotten spam like "does your penis need to be bigger?" Ahh, those porn site operators. Making life fun for parents everywhere. Anyway, Sean's new site at will let your kids have an email account but will also allow you to keep your kids safe as well.

Bill Storage is one of the top .NET programmers in the world and he's a darn good photographer too. If you wanna see some really nice photos of Northern California, visit his site here.

Alan Reiter is trying to do his part to promote Weblogs + wireless. or has the details. has a good Web Services search engine, which does include all services found in UDDI, SalCentral, and XMethods. You can even compare the services against each other for properties such as Uptime availability (reliability), operations, etc.

Are you a Microsoft freak like me who wants to be up to date on every Knowledge Base article that comes out of Redmond? Well, then, check out this Web service:

Chris Duncan and I have been talking back and forth for a while. I introduced him to APress's founders a while back and lo and behold Chris went and wrote a book for them. I got a copy -- it's titled "The Career Programmer: Guerilla Tactics for an Imperfect World" -- and am a few dozen pages into it. Chris is a good story teller and his book has lots of gems of corporate ineptitude and how to get around them. I think this book should be handed to any kid straight out of college. It'll probably save him or her some heartache when they find their superior ideas aren't listened to.

Attention Radio Fans! Dave Berry sent me this little tip: "You may recall I wanted a search feature for Radio. Well..I added the free one from Atomz ( It works like a champ and only took about 15 minutes to set up. Try it at ."

Do you all get the significance of the Radio Community Server that Dave Winer talked about yesterday on his DaveNet Piece? Dang that's cool. I can create my own -- say for a company. In fact, that's precisely what I'm doing this weekend. I'll be showing it off at the Deep Training booth at TechED in April. Look at all the trainers that Deep Training has to teach you things like ASP.NET and VB.NET and C# and all that. Imagine all of them with their own weblog. It's a big dream, but thanks to RCS it'll happen. Now imagine if every customer of Deep Training will get their own weblog? A place to keep their notes? Post code and samples for other students and instructors? Now, think bigger. Imagine a company like GM with a whole suite of weblogs at It's a dream, but it's a dream that I can't make happen with Dreamweaver or FrontPage or GoLive.

You know, I read Chris Pirillo's Lockergnome pretty religiously and while most of the time I don't have any need for the stuff he talks about occassionally he finds a real gem like the IE Booster. This thing rocks!

Here's what Chris said about it, which is better than what I could say. And, if you don't read the Lockergnome, you should. I'm gonna be at his Gnomedex conference in August, too (hopefully as a speaker, but hell, Doc Searls is gonna be speaking, so you know it's gonna be good):

+++++++++ This part stolen (er, copied and pasted) from the Lockergnome newsletter here:

IE Booster v1.4 [350k] W9x/2k/XP FREE

{More context options} If you place your cursor anywhere on a Web page and right-click, you see something called the context menu. This varies depending on where the cursor is (on a link, a picture, whatever). The context menu is actually quite helpful, but IE Booster adds a whole buncha other items to it. Let's see, there's a way to show only the hyperlinks (perfect for locating things fast), show images only, show CSS (style sheets), resize the window, and a bunch of other things. Try it, you might like it. Note: This only works with Internet Explorer 5 and higher. Of course, you could always rely on Bookmarklets, too (if you don't want to install the extra software).

You wanna try Macromedia's Flash on your PocketPC? Try these sites, which were recommended to me by Phillip Torrone:

Download Flash here. After you get the Flash Player, visit the Flash Enabled Site or the PocketPC Flash Site for some cool stuff. Oh, and Phillip is the expert on the topic. He's writing a book called "Flash Enabled: Flash Design and Development for Devices" which will be out soon. Pre-order it on Amazon here.

Sorry, I have two months worth of emails to dig through. Here's another PocketPC gem: -- lots of freeware downloads for your PocketPC.

It's just PocketPC day today. Here's some interesting stuff from Jared Miniman, another PocketPC MVP and Editor in Chief of

He had me check out these applications (I'm learning Farsi from the Universal Translator right now): Universal Translator: Phrasebooks: ClearVue Viewers:

Got a PocketPC? Try out the DivX MPEG player or the PocketTV player and there's PocketPC Power Toys here. The Power Toys include an expense report app, a theme generator, a remote display control so you can see your PocketPC screen on your desktop, and more.

Web designer? Check into this article which shows how to design your site so it displays properly on PocketPCs.

I was talking with one of the PocketPC MVP's the other day, Ed Hansberry, and he told me to check these apps out:

> Get Mazingo at then subscribe to > All the cool stuff on PPC's is mentioned there. :-) > > As for mega-useful software > ListPro at > eWallet at > Pocket Informant (3.0 very *VERY* soon) at > Great books at - free Palm Reader there - doesn't > work in MS Reader. > > And for the most ridiculiously addicting game - Pocket Slay. >

Ahh, life keeps improving. I have couches now, and James my neighbor lent my son his Xbox. So, Patrick is blasting space ships in one of the Xbox Star Wars games. Xbox in surround sound is mondo cool. Maybe I'll start an Xbox blog.

Oh, I see Ernie the Attorney is doing a Radio weblog. Cool. Ernie's a friend of Buzz's and Buzz set me and Ernie up for a night in New Orleans in mid-April when I'm there for the TechED conference. Ernie tells me he's taking me to the "Funky Butt." He says that's where the locals in New Orleans head to if they want to hear authentic -- and good -- jazz.

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