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Daily Permalink Thursday, March 21, 2002

I'd go further than John Robb. Just say no to all belief systems. The real world is awesome. No need to make up a green turtle in the sky or Santa Claus to make yourself feel better about your impending death. Think about that one for a while.

I'm focusing on experiencing life fully. Even the crappy parts. They are there to teach me something.

I used to go to church. It was laziness for the brain. After all, life is so much easier when someone tells you they have all the answers.

Guess what? You have to find your own answers if you wanna become a master of life. Run from anyone who says their book (or weblog) has all the answers. I certainly don't.

Of course, if God appeared in front of me here on University Ave. in Palo Alto, I'd weblog it for sure! Just don't hold your breath, OK?

I guess Web services are dead in the water, just cause John Dvorak says so. Oh, boy, this guy sure knows how to get all the webloggers to link to him, huh?

Maybe I should write some essays like Dvorak. Then everyone would link to me. You know, it's just not worth the traffic. I'd rather go out to dinner and enjoy life.

Now I'm posting from Palo Alto's 802.11 wireless hot zone!

I'm in front of the Starbucks. What a beautiful day.

Someone I know just dropped by and said "you should do that Radio UserLand conference -- I'd come." Hmmm.

I love Silicon Valley.

I am at the Dana Street Coffee House in Mountain View. The iced lattes are $2.50. The 802.11 wireless and sunny weather is free. What's better than that?

W3C Track at WWW2002 Announced. 21 March 2002: The W3C Track has been announced for the Eleventh International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2002) in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. W3C will present three days on 8-10 May: W3C's Achievements and Expectations, Web Services, the Semantic Web, XML, Document Formats, Cool Web, Universal Access, Device Independence, Amaya, and a Town Meeting.

I can't wait. I'll be there. Are you going? Let's get a weblogger thing going if you are.

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