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Daily Permalink Friday, March 29, 2002

It's official: I'm speaking at the WWW conference in Hawaii in May. I'm very honored.

I come to the Weblog this morning with emotion.

Today is my last day working at UserLand.

It is not my last day in the UserLand family, however.

I've been honored for the past seven months to work for John Robb and Dave Winer. I'm one of the lucky few who count Dave as a personal friend. In the past seven months I've helped and watched as this team shipped Radio UserLand, among other things.

This industry is getting better by the minute because of the efforts of the UserLand team. Radio has forever changed my life. More than many other products that are currently installed on my machine.

The past seven months of my life have been more chaotic than I could ever have predicted. Let's see:

  • Starting a new job
  • 9/11
  • Totaled my car in an accident
  • Getting divorced and dealing with all the crap surrounding that
  • My Grandma died nearly a month ago (never even blogged that)

Hey, and I'm doing taxes this weekend. Does life get any more stressful?

I hope not (but Dave reminds me that Murphy has a mean sense of humor so I always count my blessings of which I have many. I have good health. I have a wonderful son. A good family. Great friends. And co-workers at UserLand who simply kick ass).

Anyway, I'll still be a part of UserLand's family and am still helping out, but I'm moving on to other things (and looking for new projects to get involved with -- send me email if you wanna talk

I'm taking a bit of time off to work on the personal side of my life and map out a future course for my life. That starts next week when my son and I join Buzz Bruggeman in Orlando (which proves that after you work at UserLand you get to go to Walt Disney World) and the week after that when I get to go to dinner with Ernie the Attorney in New Orleans -- I'll be working for Deep Training and helping run their booth at the TechED show).

One other blessing has been this weblogger world that I've joined. It's an amazing ride. I've met so many wonderful and inventive people by writing every day. I truly am blessed and will continue to give back.

Thanks UserLand and particularly thanks to Dave and John for believing in me!

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