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Daily Permalink Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Jeremy Zawodny points out that Sun is moving its execs out of Santa Clara (which was formerly an insane asylum). Hey, I pass by there every day. I'm wondering if I'm crazy for staying here too.

Richard Caetano asks "anyone up for a trip to Yosemite?" I'm interested, but not sure when I can do it.

Jesse Ezell says that Microsoft could compete with Google. I agree, but first Microsoft has to figure out why Google's algorthim works so well, and how to make one that works FAR better. Of course, we once thought that AltaVista was going to own the search world. Shows that if someone comes along with a better way, they can win. Of course, I'm not uninstalling my Google bar anytime soon.

OK, my friends and enemies are emailing me and saying "just code already!" OK, I'm working through Microsoft Press's "Visual C#.NET (Core Reference)" written by Mickey Williams. Yeah, he gave me a free copy. But, it's good. Now, if I could only kick the kids off of my coding computer.

A personal note to John Dvorak. You were wrong about Apple (they are choosing IBM, not Intel). Today he's wrong about the operating system that must not be named due to my signing of a non-disclosure agreement with a large company somewhere in the United States.

Oh, no. Now the kids are listening to Britney Spears. Turn back on the Eminem, please! This Britney crud hurts my ears. How am I supposed to learn C# without good tunes?

Yo, I'm friends with Leo Laporte and Chris Pirillo. Isn't Leo a bit too happy on his weblog? Anytime someone leaves a company, I wouldn't dance on their old jobs and say "I'm happy to have that show back." Although, I know Leo really did love that show and missed the call-in format.

Funny, the first email from another friend asked "is TechTV toast?" Well, let's just say: I'm a geek and I don't watch. That's not a good sign. If I don't watch, my mom/wife/son sure ain't gonna.

Chris Pirillo points out that he's not unemployed. He just isn't working for TechTV anymore. Here's some of the sites that Chris is working on:

Tech E-Mail Newsletters :

Tech PDF and LIT eBooks :

Tech Conference Manager :

Tech Magazine Columnist :

Tech Guy To The Extreme :

Oh, great, I have an 11-year-old here, a nine-year-old, and a four-year-old. What do they want to listen to on Pressplay? Eminem. If anyone says that parenting is easy, tell them to listen to Eminem. Actually, I like it too. Sure beats Aaron Carter. We're listening to "My Dad's Gone Crazy." The clean version. Heh.

Ah, bummer, Chris Pirillo joins my brother and my wife on the unemployment lines -- although I doubt Chris will stay there for long. For one, he has a job keeping his Lockergnome world running. For another, he's freaking smart and funny, to boot. You should see the interview he did on my wedding video.

It leads to the question of: is the entire valley getting laid off? I hear even Apple is laying people off, although Apple is doing it in very small numbers. One here. One there. So they don't need to report it to the press. My source said someone didn't show up to last week's regular meeting and everyone said "oh, didn't you know?"

Of course, that all means that the folks who work for companies who aren't laying everyone off are working even harder. I keep passing NVidia. Their freaking parking lot is PACKED. At 5:30 p.m. No one is leaving there early. Can you tell that the world's future is spelled "3-D?" I wonder what they are feeding their folks.

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