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Daily Permalink Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I have some interesting calls with IT guys. Some frustrating ones too. "I want a Tablet that runs Windows 2000" said one guy.

"Why?" I asked.

"Cause I don't buy anything first generation," he answered.

This guy had bought into the belief that "older is safer." I've been hitting this viewpoint a lot lately. It's a real problem for the industry, no matter what side of the aisle you're on.

If you're a Mac guy, you can't get this type to switch either. Same for a Linux guy. And if you're Microsoft, this guy isn't buying new software.

So, how do we -- as an industry -- convince people like this that it's "OK" to upgrade?

Oh, by the way, don't think this is a Microsoft problem (although in this case it was). I get the same pushback whenever I talk to people about my Tivo "why should I give up my VCR?" or when I talk to people about digital cameras "film is better quality" or when I talk to people about nearly anything -- I remember pushing Macs at West Valley Community College and at San Jose State University in the late 80s and early 90s and remembering people telling me "who needs a mouse and a toy interface?"

It's the evangelist's core problem to overcome. How do you change the world when so many don't want to change?

How do I approach it? Try to find out what their needs are.

Ask tons of questions. Find out what their needs are. And then show them how a new technology can save them time, money, or avoid pain.

Do you have a unique way to get your friends and co-workers (or customers) to try new technologies?

By the way, I lost this particular little battle. He decided to get a laptop instead. Didn't even want to try a Tablet.

DonXML says "what were they thinking?" about Fawcette's plans for an Enterprise conference. Ahh, I see that FTP is trying to do an Enterprise conference for, what, the fourth time? Lame (but I've written about this before).

But, I know the argument. The PDC isn't aimed at corporate IT types. Yeah, well, if you wanna get an idea of what the future of Windows is gonna be, you gotta be at the PDC.

Jesse Ezell takes on Jeremy Allaire about .NET licensing. Really useful stuff here for those of you interested in .NET licensing on "non-Windows platforms."

About 100 American and British lives. About $75 billion. About three weeks of hell. Dancing in the streets of Baghdad? Priceless!

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