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Daily Permalink Friday, April 25, 2003

I'm gonna go buy a Dixie Chick's album. Just to spite all the country fans who think they are lame. Dang, aren't the Dixie Chicks taking Chris Pirillo's "logo on my chest" idea as far as it possibly can go?

Keith Pleas looks into my claims that I have 16 readers. What does he find? Oh, that 16 readers are refreshing their browser a lot. Heh.

Mom, will you knock that off!

Famous writer William Gibson is signing off his weblog, for now. As a friend once told me "why do something for free when you can get paid for it?"

Unix Girl wants us to tell her about ourselves.

Dare, who'll soon be a coworker of mine (well, he'll be one of the 55,000 employees of Microsoft) says "For the moment, I'm avoiding the blog popularity contest."

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