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Daily Permalink Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Marc Canter is right. I shoulda stuck up for Joi. So, I now am. Joi is a whole hell of a lot more interesting to me than most of the enronites.

End of an era. Today is Tena Carter's last day working at Fawcette Technical Publications. Something she's done for more than a decade (she was its longest-lasting employee). If you bought me a beer and asked me to tell you stories about Tena, I'd probably tell you about the time she gave me a bloody nose on a beach in Cabo San Lucas. I was trying to tackle her and she did an adept move -- stepped outta the way and slammed me into the sand. I knew then she was headed for management. ;-) Congrats!

I learned the power of linking to my enemies from my nine-year-old son (Patrick). For two and a half years Patrick would come home nearly every day and say "I hate Daniel." Daniel, he said, would beat him up. Would call him names. Would steal his ball. Would generally be mean, mean, mean.

Today Daniel is his best friend.

Whoa, how did that happen? Patrick got something he could offer Daniel and he stayed engaged with him (forced to, since he's in the same class).

So, should you link to folks who are your bitter enemies? Absolutely!

For one, it shows that you hear them and are considering their point of view. It starts a conversation.

Personally, evangelism is about having a conversation. How can you evangelize something to someone if you aren't talking with them? How can you convince them you are worthy to have as a friend if you don't link to them when they are your enemy?

By linking to people who hate me, I'm telling them "let's have a conversation." I shared my GoogleJuice with them. That's the equivilent of when Patrick brought a Lord of the Rings toy to school to share with Daniel (who, it turns out, is also a Lord of the Rings fan).

Will it stop them from hating me? No. But, as my nine-year-old son showed me, even bitter enemies sometimes become best friends. Is that worth the risk? I think it is.

Marc Canter hopes that I keep my mouth shut. Don't worry Marc, your secret is safe with me. Oh, and my 16 readers. ;-)

Chris Pirillo says that this is better than sliced bread.

I wouldn't know. It already is getting hammered by the blogosphere and isn't loading here.

DataGrid Girl: "DataGrids suck."

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