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Daily Permalink Saturday, April 19, 2003

Oh, and if you think the HR people at Microsoft don't have a clue who Chris Sells is, you'd be absolutely wrong. They all read Chris' "Microsoft Interview Questions" site (yes, I asked). So, don't expect to get asked any of those questions on your interview. Although his site helped me a LOT prepare mentally for what would come.

So, how do you sell ice to eskimos anyway? Just chatted with Chris. He says "convenience" is one answer.

I say "quality." Ever catch a bucket of freshly-fallen snow? I have. Now, look in the bottom after you melt it. What do you see? Dirt! Yuch. What kind of eskimo wants dirt in their drinks?

I totally agree with Chris Sells' interview conclusions, by the way. My interview process was similar. I actually interviewed for one position, and they told me I wasn't right for that position. Imagine my feeling inside when I thought I didn't get what I had spent eight hours trying to get. But, then, Vic said, "but, my team all liked you, and I think you'd be good in this other position, so we just created a position for you."

Anyway, it totally resonates when Chris says that interviews should all be about fit.

Chris Sells interviewed at Microsoft? Twice! Wow. I only had to go through the process once. They asked him to sell ice to eskimos. Heh. So, did Sells take a job?

Yesterday, when at Fry's, I bought a Creative Web camera. OK, so I plug it in. It seems to load just fine. Then I install the CD and it tries to load drivers, but it says that the drivers on the CD aren't as new as those that are already on my system. This is really frustrating. What's newer? My OS, or my CD that I just came home from Fry's with? What's the right answer? I'm confused. I tell it not to overwrite my already-existing drivers. Seems to work OK. Oh, well, the Creative app won't load now.

And people wonder if I'll remain objective after I take my job at Microsoft about the pain that Windows (and vendors) put people through when trying to install new hardware and software? Nah, I'm not objective.

On the other hand, if folks like Chris Anderson can fix this problem, they'll be my hero for the next decade.

Sean Alexander tells us a bunch of ways to give Microsoft feedback. He's a product manager at Microsoft. Good stuff.

Chris Anderson says Chris Brumme makes him feel like a rock when he's around him. If Google would track intelligence instead of page rank, I think I'd be hovering around two or three and these guys would be in the eight or nine range.

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