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Daily Permalink Monday, April 21, 2003

Marc Canter teases us with a preview of Laszlo (click on the buttons). He says more details will come at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference that starts tomorrow. Can't wait to see what this is about.

Steve Makofsky: "to us geeks, t-shirts are the gift of the gods." Absolutely! I also learned that Chris Pirillo will do almost anything for my hat with a Longhorn logo on it. Heh.

Chris Sells ate the red pill today. I can't wait to work with Chris. He's one of the people who knows most everyone in the Windows development industry, is respected by everyone (at least that I know of), and gets a ton done. Congrats Chris for surviving two interviews. Are you going to continue doing your conferences?

Update: Chris answered back "yeah, PDC in October." Man, is the PDC gonna be a big deal, or what?

Joesph Palmer expanded my ego by about two sizes with his weblog post today.

Speaking of ego boosts, today the Seattle Times said I was a "noted blogger." I'm glad they didn't disclose what I was noted for. Maybe that'll come in the future, and they were just buttering me up and making me feel welcome in the new town.

Harry Pierson talks about Tony Goodhew, who is a product manager in the VS.NET group. Tony is a great guy -- we had quite a few fun times together at various conferences.

Harry asks a more serious question, though: should he put his weblog address on his business cards? I think that depends on whether or not your weblog is something you want your business contacts to see. In my case, I wouldn't mind it at all.

T Bryce Yehl is looking for tickets to the Windows Server 2003/Visual Studio launch event Thursday. Can anyone help?

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