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Saturday, February 2, 2002

She kissed her Frog. This is an image called theKiss.jpg The telegraaf has a whole page. At the risk of sounding sappy, this was truly beautiful today.
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I've been tinkering with the manilaBloggerbridge tool. Hopefully this post will go to my main blog and another post to another manila based blog......
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Not one, but 5 kisses for our new royal couple. I'm still awaiting pix to come online of the 'balcony' scene. Meanwhile some details: Princess Maxima chose valentino This is an image called nws.index.bruidsfoto.jpg to make her gown, which included a 15 foot train. This is an image called tranen_nieuwe_kerk.jpgBoth bride and groom shed more than a single tear during both the official and church ceremony. This is an image called bvb-bijnakus152.jpg

One thing's for sure, this is a very, very in love and happy couple who in time will be the King and Queen of the Netherlands. The vibe in the city and the country at large is festive and joyous. Its hard to imagine the state of the world on a beautiful day like to day. Luckily perception is still reality.

Lang leve het bruidspaar!!
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We've got royal wedding fever here in Amsterdam this weekend. This is an image called feest_samenlachend.jpg In about 20 minutes the actual nuptials will commence!
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