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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

BlackHoleBrain wraps up the paypal fiasco for the day with a subtle subliminal approach :)A picture named gimmeyourfuckingmoney.gif
11:50:15 PM    Discuss

So far $2 in donations and 2 oral sex donations. I guess I just have to face the humilitaiton of a no-business-model-blogger :)

Thank goodness for the radio show that kicks off March 8th, Blog News Network
7:42:48 PM    Discuss

OK, so far $1 in donations. Perhaps rich guys do better with this donation system.Oral Sex Donations Accepted

See Comments for more donation systems.
4:33:48 PM    Discuss

King Edward VIII. "The thing that impresses me the most about America is the way parents obey their children." [#]
1:41:40 PM    Discuss

Plenty of 'comments' about my paypal donation test.

I want to find out if people donate to blogs because they want to help a brother out or because they really feel it is worth supporting. My finanical disclosure is intended to eliminate the 'pity-factor'.

So far 1 donation received!
1:29:47 PM    Discuss

After reading how Andrew Sullivan pulled down $27,000 from donations to his weblog I have to try out the donation system for myself.

This particular experiment will be interesting because I'm already a multi-millionaire.

Do you still feel inclined to donate?

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