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Tuesday, April 2, 2002

John Udell says "Sayonara to spam". DaveNet intro's Instant Outlining. Currently I'm in Dubai, dialed into the net at about 21k/sec, a far cry from the DSL speeds I'm used to. 'Checking mail' results in 20 minutes of downloading penis enlargers. The same amount of time allowed me to catch up with 9 projects and people scattered around the globe in my Instant Outlines.
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Another dumb idea: Get ready for advertisers to take over your Web browser.
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An update from Dubai. We went to the beach across from the hotel today and chilled out. Tomorrow we go into town. I've posted the obligatory 'look how cool our hotel is' pictures here. Something I'm planning to write about is the hotel's technology. MPEG2 streams in every room, video on demand that actually comes from a central server and can be paused and manipulated just like a vcr or TiVo. I'm hoping to get a look in the server room and ofcourse I'll also dismantle the in-room system for a looksie :)
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