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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Blogging is in the blood. Christina wrote an open letter to President Bush on her weblog
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I just downloaded the OSX version of Mozilla. My choice was once again influenced by Rob McNair-Huff's excellent product review outline

I had completely forgotten that Mozilla has a built-in composer that closely mimics the built-in tools of IE under windows. One of my biggest peeves about IE is that Mac users get no joy. I want a composer box, like Radio's wysiwyg composer box.

Mozilla's composer might be an interesting alternative for Mac users and if we hook it up properly, perhaps for any user who wants to use a browser to write with.

Now to investigate if I can hook Mozilla and Radio Userland together....xml-rpc? javascript?

Must dig now.
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A picture named koningin.jpgToday is QueensDay in The Netherlands. Yes, we're a liberal bunch here but this is about Royalty.

The entire country turns into a 'free for all' marketplace. Anyone can sit anywhere and sell anything. Kind of like a national yard sale day. Of course there's lots of fun, food and drink that accompanies the festivities. I admit I enjoy the medieval nature of this celebration admidst our confusing modern times.

Some webcams to look at.
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Dave reintroduces the payload principle. I strongly believe in the time-shifted delivery. I wrote about programming formats for just such a delivery network in '00.

Unfortunately, the issue the entertainment and computer industries are fighting over, is not about distribution of product. It's about distribution of money.

Net radio to fall silent for a day. Independent Webcasters plan to turn off their music streams to protest a controversial online radio royalty fee proposed by a federal arbitration panel.

And there's a movement to fix it!
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