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Sunday, October 5, 2003

Just finished listening to the latest Lydon interview on my iPod. As I mentioned yesterday at the conference, I have my Radio install hooked into a few custom applescripts that automagically transfer downloaded enclosures to my iPod so there's no wait in the morning to get the latest. Just pick up the pod and go.

I spoke to several developers yesterday, including ex-apple developer Kevin Marks, who wants to work with me on creating a simple gateway betyween RSS feeds with enclosures and the iPod. I've learned that developers do their best work when they have fresh content to work with every day. So I've created a new rss enclosure feed that will contain a new song from my iPod every day. Subscribe to it with an enclosure aware aggregator and you'll receive this file without any clicking and waiting. Once we've got some widgets too complete the gateway you'll be able to synchronize your iPod with mine. Some songs will be oldies, others fresh and new, many without major label distribution.

We start today with dutch artist Glennis Grace, who's debut album is entitled 'Secrets of my soul'. The album is filled with 22 tracks of new material and several covers. Today's track on the syncPod channel is her rendition of the classic 'Say a little prayer'. This girl's got some major pipes!
10:22:42 AM    

Yesterday during our Second Superpower panel at BloggerCon I mentioned the dishonesty of television. To learn more check out the Zen TV experiment.
9:44:06 AM    

Just woke up. I think I needed the 8 straight hours. Werner blogged our dinner and drinks last night.
9:18:02 AM    


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