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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Manila Beta: Password-protected RSS feeds . Previously, there was no way to read RSS feeds for Editors Only Manila sites in an RSS news reader, because Manila uses a cookie for authenticating membership.
5:02:08 PM    

Mac users can use this folder applescript to automagically update your iPod with any new mp3's that are downloaded to your Radio UserLand enclosures folder from enclosure aware RSS feeds.

To install: replace "Adam's Curry's iPod" with the name of your iPod and attach the script to your Enclosures folder (located in your Radio UserLand application folder) using the Attach Script To Folder script, located in your /Library/Scripts/Folder Actions/ folder.

You can test this script by subscribing to the syncPod channel, which delivers a new mp3 every day.

Update: Hmmm, it seems the script only works when the first enclosure is downloaded. Any scripting guru's out there want to help with this script so it transfers all enclosures?
12:11:34 PM    

Christopher Lasch: "Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success."
8:59:02 AM    

My nephew Matteo can't wait to ride in the chopper when he visits from Italy again. His drawing skills are improving!
8:33:38 AM    

Up early this morning, trying not to break the rythmn I carefully built up during the week (I'm still doing the morning drive time show on Veronica Radio) so I'm first to see the overnight ratings. The show pulled in an 11 share at 11:30 saturday night. Not too shabby.
8:14:25 AM    


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