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Monday, October 20, 2003

Wow, this should spark a revolt against Google, if true. Perhaps the perfect moment to start our own decentralized directory. Which will take some marketing, just like the litle orange xml icons were used to evangelize RSS. It ain't much yet, but I've started my own directory here.
11:02:53 PM    

Ed created an enclosure RSS feed of the 'Best of Smart Music Compilation'. About 10 minutes ago my iPod started updating with some excellent tunes.
10:46:06 PM    

Oliver Willis: "Britney never asked much of us. She never pretended to be anything more than a shallow automaton, and we loved her for it. But it appears that she has entered her fifteenth minute - for real now."
9:49:24 AM    

Robin Williams: "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."
9:45:49 AM    

BBC: "The latest version of Microsoft's popular Office software will, the company claims, allow users to send e-mails that will "self-destruct" after a set time."
9:43:41 AM    

Trying something new today. Marcus was able to make a simple callback script for Radio that downloads enclosures from RSS feeds and plops them into iTunes and even updates my iPod if attached. I've been following the Chris Lydon interview series through this system. Whenever a new interview is available, my aggregator tells me when the interview file has already been downloaded and transferred to my iPod. In other words, it's ready when I am.

I've been posting mp3 files to the syncPod channel daily. This feed is intended for developers working on similar applications for rss feeds with enclosures.

Today something new. Since Chris loves Ralph Waldo Emerson so much, I downloaded the entire text of his first essays from the Gutenberg Project and then used the fantastic Text Reader application to create a spoken mp3 version. Of course it sounds a bit tinny (I used the 'victoria' voice) but it is certainly no worse than some speakers I've listened to on audiobooks. Won't be long before I start doing some of my own reads. I'm actually pretty excited (in a nostalgic way) about reading the Tom Swift series into mp3 format, for there is ultimately no substitute for the human voice. Yet.

subscribe to the syncPod channel

(ps) I had another thought abou this type of content production and distribution system. `using apple's internal text-speech processing, I could make multiple voices available. Each feed with it's own voice. And of course I'll release the code for the syncPod updates. After I coerce Marcus into making it a tool. Then we have to figure out how to make it work for iTunes on windows :)
3:45:11 AM    


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