Monday, February 4, 2002

> Al Hawkins: OK, it was a weird kind of spelling error. You need to "zap gremlins" before working with one of Scriptin' Dave's scripts. It's probably why the "refresh code" stuff doesn't work, either. Greg had it all sussed out, of course. Thanks, G!
[Jumpgate Alwin]   7:44:14 PM  Link    
> Steve Michel: Hello, Dave!
[Steve Michel's Radio Weblog]   7:33:49 PM  Link    
> John Udell: Radio UserLand 8.0   4:36:10 PM  Link    
> DaveNet: DIY Web Services#
[Scripting News]   12:24:33 PM  Link    
> Garret Vreeland: damn. dangerousmeta's down again.
[danger-radio-meta!]   12:14:43 PM  Link    
> Word of the Day: traduce
[ Word of the Day]   12:11:58 AM  Link