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Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Mac OS X Hints: Securing PHPNuke against hackers.
6:28:05 PM  

Mac OS X Hints: Use ‘touch’ to organize pictures for iPhoto.
6:26:03 PM  

Yesterday we asserted that iPhoto is scriptable when we pointed to Apple’s iPhoto sample scripts. Given the existence of sample scripts, this is a natural assumption. But it appears that iPhoto itself may not be scriptable. So: we’ll post again about this once we have confirmation one way or the other. (Thanks to Heng-Cheong Leong of myapplemenu for bringing up this issue. Visit his site; it’s cool.)
4:59:51 PM  

MacSlash: Retrospect 5.0 Mac OS X Preview Released.
1:22:04 PM  

Apple: Java and Tomcat on Mac OS X, Part II. “In this session, you’ll see how to use Javaserver Pages (JSP) with Tomcat. You’ll also learn a bit about reusable components called Taglibs, which are supplied by the Jakarta project. Finally, you’ll see how to make a simple database-driven web applications on Mac OS X using JDBC, Tomcat, and the open-source database MySQL.”
10:29:58 AM  

Apple Technical QA 1018: Using AppleScript to send an email with an attachment.
10:25:44 AM  

Apple: WebObjects 5.1 now available. “The world’s easiest-to-use application server is written in the language of the Internet: Java.”
10:24:08 AM  

Cocoa Dev Central: Scrolling About Box. How to make an about box with scrolling credits.
10:22:30 AM  

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