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Saturday, January 19, 2002

JavaWorld: Macworld: Java is alive and well on the Mac. “It becomes more and more difficult to tell a Java-based Mac OS X application from a native application. Java developers can truly target multiple platforms with a single application.”
2:39:24 PM  

BusinessWeek: Toward a Hack-Proof Mac. “Apple has incorporated a solid barrier in OS X to keep intruders out of its kernel, or core software. Trouble is, you need to go into something called ‘command line mode’ to configure the firewall and make it useful. Yes, you heard right.”
2:37:27 PM  

New Apple sample code: AuthSample “demonstrates the correct way to use the Authorization APIs in order to do privileged operations that require root access.”
10:44:10 AM  

Mac OS X Hints: Install and use an Aqua Emacs editor.
10:38:02 AM  

Mac OS X Hints: A simple priority-changing AppleScript.
10:36:01 AM  

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