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Friday, January 11, 2002

Radio UserLand 8.0 ships. “It’s an easy-to-use Weblog tool that runs on your desktop, so it’s fast, and ready to go when you are.” (Note: I work for UserLand; this website is built by Radio UserLand.)
6:47:02 PM  

The Set Priority 1.0 AppleScript script is a front end for the renice command.
5:49:01 PM  

A List Apart: CMS & the Single Web Designer. “Content Management is the next step in separating structure from design. What began with Cascading Style Sheets and was furthered by XML, is exploding with the CM environment, where billions were spent last year and more billions are expected to be spent in the years ahead.”
12:03:40 PM  

Linux Journal: Using and Writing Java Servlets.
11:58:01 AM  

O’Reilly Network managing editor Derrick Story explains Why We’ve Embraced Mac OS X. “The Mac DevCenter has doubled its traffic in the last two months. And the articles we’ve published on Apache web serving, Java programming, and Cocoa application building have attracted great numbers.”
9:50:46 AM  

The Mutsu Project is a repository at SourceForge “for Applescript Studio applications and code snippets. Developers can submit and update projects via CVS (this means directly from Project Builder) and use the Mutsu mailing list to coordinate their efforts.”
12:01:47 AM  

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