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Thursday, January 31, 2002

Zend: Secure Programming in PHP. “The wonderful thing about PHP is that people with little or even no programming experience are able to achieve simple goals very quickly. The problem, on the other hand, is that many programmers are not really conscious about what is going behind the curtains.”
9:43:05 PM  

BBEdit 6.5.2 released, includes some scripting fixes.
9:09:54 PM  

Mac OS X Hints: Disk space usage summary via AppleScript.
9:05:03 AM  

PHP-GTK 0.5.0 released. “One of the goals behind this project was to prove that PHP can be used to write client-side GUI applications.”
1:04:36 AM  

MacCentral: Mac OS X plug-ins for REALbasic released.
1:00:12 AM  

Cocoa Dev Central: Transformations Using the NSAffineTransform Class. “In this tutorial we’ll take a look at geometrical transformations. We will discuss how rotation, scaling, and translation work and how to easily implement them.”
12:57:51 AM  

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