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Friday, January 25, 2002

O’Reilly: Programming with Cocoa: Movies and Menus. “Today I’ll cover how to incorporate QuickTime media into Cocoa applications. I also have a few things to say about menus, which are not too closely related to QuickTime, but a movie player makes as good an app as any for using menus. Specifically, I’ll show you how you can give your application contextual menus, and even a dock menu.”
6:48:14 PM  

Charles Wiltgen: A .NET primer for Mac users. “Since .NET’s relevance is fairly intuitive if you understand it, the goal of this primer is to bring the Mac users up to speed with .NET.”
10:56:14 AM  

Samba X 2.2.2 released. “Samba X is no more than Samba, but wrapped in an easy to use intaller package. You only need to doubleclick and you are up and running.”
10:12:50 AM  

TidBITS: QuarkXPress 5.0 Now Shipping.
10:10:15 AM  

Mac OS X Hints: Search Google from any services-aware app.
10:06:26 AM  

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