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Saturday, February 02, 2002

John Dvorak on blogs

PC Magazine columnist John C. Dvorak devotes a page in his most recent column (2/26/02) to "The Blog Phenomenon."  I don't think PC Magazine has posted the column yet; at least, I couldn't find the link on the site today.

Dvorak writes that blogs have been overlooked by the mainstream press.  "Generally speaking, these postings are fascinating, since they often have serious elements of Hyde Park corner blather, besides blatant exhibitionism and obvious self-indulgence.  And, whatever you think of them, you'll admit that they are much more interesting than the static vanity site from years ago." 

He notes that, "Blogging goes beyond software posting and uses an entire system that allows for easy creation.  With a Blog there is no coding to do.  The Blog is usually more attractive than sloppy HTML done by an amateur, and by nature it demands updating so that the material is kept current."

Dovorak isn't always kind to bloggers.  "People can't resist updating the diary and apologize if they don't do it -- as if anyone really cares."

Why blog?

Dvorak lists five "deeper" reasons (besides "it's easy" and "it's fun") why people write Weblogs: ego gratification, antidepersonalization, elimination of frustration, societal need to share and wanna-be writers.

He concludes his column with, "Whatever the reason for the Blog phenomenon, it's not going to go away anytime soon.  The main positive change: far fewer cat pictures!" 

Hmmm.  I think I just read someone's Weblog about how a large number of bloggers are cat lovers.

[Many hours later, at 2:00 a.m.]  Aha -- found it!  Doc Searls mentions in his Weblog how he learns a lot from Jonathon.  Jonathon Delacour Uplugged is where I saw the item where he says, "One of the surprising things about the blogging community is the number of cat lovers."  By-the-way, Unplugged is a very elegantly designed Weblog.  Dave Winer first commented about this a few days ago.

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