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Thursday, March 7, 2002

Welcome, Scripting News readers! The message DaveW referred to today is down below...
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Radio: It's user-fault tolerant!

Some folks may remember the tale of how Jake used the Google cache to recover his website lost in a heard-drive crash.

Today, I just discovered that with Radio, I'm better than the Google cache. (Sometimes. But only for my own site. And only with a good backup practice going on.)

I was testing a post before publishing it, and foolishly hit the Post & Publish button intead of the Post button. Realizing what I just did, and not wanting the post to go live yet, I hit the stop button in my browser, then switched over to Radio to see if I was fast enough.

I wasn't.

The post went up, and worse, it completely replaced a previously existing post (it should have become post 155, but instead it bunnystomped all over post 154, the Alwin(er)Logger explanation). The previous post ceased to exist now. It was also gone in the rss.xml file Even worse, Google had last visited my site two days ago, so I couldn't use Jake's cache trick.

However, I had just upgraded my version of the Radio app to 8.06 last night, after making the missing post. As a precaution, I had made a backup copy of my entire Radio UserLand folder.

Without thinking, I opened my old copy of weblogsData.root, but the 'missing' post was gone from it, too. (It shouldn't have been, but perhaps there was some sort of bad juju happening in RAM that caused the two open roots with the same name to become synchronized...

I kept looking, though, and hoping. And there the missing post was. Inside my Radio UserLand>www folder was the rss.xml file from last night. And the very last post was sitting right there, in xml format.

So a little BBEdit magic text translation later, plus a little doinking in my weblogData.root (renumber the latest post, recreate the pieces for the missing 154 post, paste in the BBEdit-massaged text from the previously missing post, and increment the number for the next post in weblogData.prefs.nextPostNum) and poof! There it is.

Yes, having a backup was a key here, but also since Radio can create different versions of your content (rss feed, categories, daily renderings), the likelihood that you can recover something from one of these is pretty darn good!

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<Mickey Rourke Barfly voice>For all my link-ho frieeeeends!</Mickey Rourke Barfly voice>

A picture named referersarecool.gifImportant fix for Radio 8 users. After yesterday's corner-turn, the link from the Cloud Links section of the desktop website home page no longer points to your referers page. Although a page would render, it would not contain any referers. Thanks to Greg Hanek for the very clear report. I had seen mention of this on other blogs, so it was pretty clear there was a problem, but Greg pointed me right to it, and I was able to fix it quickly. To get back in the referer loop, please Update Radio.root, and then refresh your desktop website home page. The Referers link should take you to the correct place, as shown in this screen shot

Here's the actual message I sent. Sending a problem report in this format is the best way for you to help the UserLanders' to spend their time wisely. There's only so many of them, and so much we want done, so help 'em do their job well -- it's in our own best interests.

Please use this format, even if you don't have a clue where the actual problem might be -- I happened to be lucky on this on, and could figure out what script was involved. Even just a report following the 1,2,3 format shown below could prove helpful, though.)

Sorry to be a pest about referer-related issues, but I'm not sure
if it affects others, too...
Radio 8.06, freshly updated root (update went smoothly, BTW.
Kudos to Jake for making that fly just fine)
1. I did this.
On my desktop home page, clicked on the "Referers" link in the
Cloud Links section of my status bar.
2. I was expecting this.
To see the pretty new referer page for the Userland-hosted RCS
(for my blog's hits for today) -- BTW, quick feature request for
that page -- could the date/time stamp appear on that page again?
3. But this is what happened.
I saw a page devoid of the actual referers (URL that was actually
loaded was
http://subhonker6.userland.com/rcsPublic/referers?site=0001215  )
The correct URL should be
I think the problem lies in
system.verbs.builtins.radio.macros.cloudLinks, on the line that
currently reads
addrow ("<a href=\"" + radio.data.cloudUrls.referers +
usernumstring + "\">Referers</a> " +
It looks like the correct URL is only getting partially built.
Hand-editing the URL to include the group portion of the query
does the trick for me, but I suspect there may some newbies who
might not know how to get to the correct URL.
Of course, it's entirely possible that I haven't changed a pref
somewhere, and I'm just being a stupid-head...

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