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Friday, June 07, 2002

I found the Mozilla Bug, that caused my radio point xsl not to work properly and it confirmed my testing. The problem is that Mozilla renders the html fine but does not treat it like ordinary html, which does not give you access to properties in the html. This was the error I was getting when I tried to run the show. The html showed in the DOM inspector but the JavaScript gave me an error.

I might try to re - write the JavaScript to get around this.
4:01:00 PM    

Cool! Jamie Warner made a server side converter using my all in one template.

[Via Scripting News] Jamie Warner has a server-side app that converts an OPML document into a single-document presentation using style sheets.

I am still working on that Mozilla rendering bug with the xsl's.

1:46:46 PM    

RadioPoint XSL tutorial it's free for the taking.

Here is a demo show based of Dave's original infoWorld presentation.  It encapsulates the entire show into one html file from the outline OPML file.

I modified the XSLT now everything is in the one file! I even got radio to upload an .xsl. Here is the xsl file. To use it in Internet Explorer take you're outline from radio and save it with an .xml extension. This will allow you to open automatically in Internet Explorer. Change the "<?xml version="1.0"?>" declaration to "<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="radioPoint.xsl" version="1.0"?>" . Then just click on your outline and it will open in IE.

If you have Saxon: dos prompt>Saxon youroutlinename.opml radioPoint.xsl > nameOfHtmlFile.htm

I modified my xsl to include some stuff in Shakeel's I also acknowledge him in the .xsl file. Have fun!


Ed Nixon pointed out some fault's with my xsl that I am going to try to correct. The first one is the processing instruction should be "<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="radioPoint.xsl" version="1.0"?>"  use the "-" instead of the ":".

8:05:49 AM    

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