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Thursday, February 7, 2002

I just found this blog a few minutes ago. I only took a glance at it, but it looked like a great blog to keep track of. It's called The Shifted Librarian.

I added The Shifted Librarian to my blog links, on the left.  4:52:27 PM    

I am a longtime Apple Newton MessagePad user. For quite some time, I looked for a web browser that supports cookies so that I could post to my Manila sites using my Newton MessagePad (Manila requires that a cookie be set to be able to post to a Manila site). After a while, I gave up, but I haven't lost the desire to post to a weblog from my Newton.

Radio Userland has a Mail-to-Weblog feature that reads mail coming into a mailbox. If the mail has the correct subject line, Radio will post the message to the blog. I can send mail from my Newton, so I thought I would give it a try.

I set up the Mail-to-Weblog feature on my copy of Radio this afternoon. If this message appears in my blog, then it worked!  4:34:20 PM    

You can read de-classified CIA documents about UFOs—go to and search for ufo. []  4:27:14 PM    

Got code? Google's got cash. Just for fun, the geeks'-choice search engine is offering $10,000 to creative coders. Any wildly profitable ideas that come out of it would just be a fringe benefit. [CNET]  4:25:12 PM    

Patch Office X for Network Vulnerability (07-Feb-2002; 1K) [TidBITS]  4:21:52 PM    

Stats are spreading. Aaron is using my to generate his own statistics page. Cool! [diveintomark]  4:10:40 PM    


3/1/02; 5:55:03 AM

Hello Dave!  2:36:48 PM    

Radio Userland Feature Request: Automatic backups of key Radio files.

Wouldn't it be great if Radio would make daily backups of the key Radio files like Radio.root, aggregatorData.root, weblogData.root, and weblogsComData.root as well as the www folder and the Tools folder?

And it would be even better if you could configure Radio to delete backups that were over a (user specified) number of days old.

That way, if something went wrong, you could go back to the previous day's data and the automatic rotation feature would prevent your hard drive from filling up with months of backups.

I would give a kidney for that feature.  12:33:21 PM    

Are automatic Radio backups of rendered pages a new feature?

I just noticed a "backups" folder in my Radio Userland (Radio 8.0.4) folder on my new installation of Radio. My old Radio Userland directory (Radio 8.0) doesn't have one of these spiffy "backups" folders.

Is this a new Radio feature? If so, thanks! There is an Advanced Preference that I don't remember seeing before: "Backup rendered pages?". I also noticed an "Archiving in XML" link in the Prefs. It seems that the checkboxes for these two preferences need to be checked to make the automatic backups work. Here is the Archiving in XML Prefs page.

These backups aren't enough to restore Radio from a disaster, but it would be nice to have a backup of my rendered pages. In my case, the rendered backups would not have saved any of my data because Radio re-rendered all of my pages, overwriting my good data with bad data (Click here for an example). For info on backing up the entire Radio application, see the next post.  11:49:53 AM    

A note to my fellow Radio-Newbies: Keep good backups of your Radio Userland installation. Instructions for backing up Radio can be found here:

How to backup Radio

Please don't make the mistake I made by not keeping good backups. Save yourselves a lot of heartache.  10:43:11 AM    

PCs Don't Go Gently Into Macworld. Forced to go to Macworld Expo with a Windows laptop, a website editor tries to disguise it as an Apple machine. But the deception ends up attracting more attention than he bargained for. By Leander Kahney. [Wired News]  10:16:31 AM    

A few of my favorite weblogs:

  1. FARK
  2. John Robb's Radio Weblog
  3. SlashDot.Org
  4. John Robb's Radio Weblog
  5. Radio-Dadio
  10:07:14 AM    

Hello Dave!  10:04:59 AM    

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