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  Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Can't wait to see Cate Blanchett & Julianne Moore play Bob Dylan!

(Via Expecting Rain.)

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When the President Talks to God

Quicktime Video 3'16 5.4MB When the President Talks to God is a free download at the iTunes store Click on continue reading for the Lyrics...

(Via onegoodmove.)

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BBC NEWS | Health | Fake acupuncture 'aids migraines'

Fake acupuncture works just as well as the real thing in relieving migraines, scientists have found. In a study of more than 300 patients, both genuine and sham acupuncture reduced the intensity of headache compared with no treatment at all.

But real acupuncture was no better than needles placed at non-acupuncture points on the body, the Journal of the American Medical Association reports.

(Via Skeptico.)

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De Rerum Natura: Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher

Responses to some Intelligent Design misdirections, lies, and fabrications.

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Roger Strukhoff takes on Bill Gates. And gets the better of him.

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De Rerum Natura: Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher

Responses to some Intelligent Design misdirections, lies, and fabrications.

1:47:54 PM    comment [] - Bicycling - Bay Area Bicycle Maps

Very nice (but slow!) interactive maps of bike paths in the Bay Area. It's strange, though, that some items such as the bike lanes on Marin Ave., don't yet exist, and some stuff is poorly documented. Still lots of work to do, both on the map and in the real world.

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May 4, 1970

Kent, Ohio, May 4 – “Four students at Kent State University, two of them women, were shot to death this afternoon by a volley of National Guard gunfire. At least 8 other students were wounded.

The burst of gunfire came about 20 minutes after the guardsmen broke up a noon rally on the Commons, a grassy campus gathering spot, by lobbing tear gas at a crowd of about 1,000 young people.”

(Via BlondeSense..)

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Geoff Ryman's Air is the best novel I've read in some time. Air is a new communications technology which will embed itself in everyone's brain, everywhere, and automatically. An early test of it goes awry, with a profound effect on Chung Mae, who lives in a small village in Central Asia, and who acts as the village's prime contact with the outside world. The novel follows Chung Mae, and explores her village in depth, as she experiences Air before everyone else, and as she learns from it. With turns through such things as marketing theory, the art of writing a business plan, internet technology, and Asian history of the last 50 years, this is a complicated story, with lots of surprising, smart turns. It's the kind of book that really puts you into the world it describes, makes you care about that world, and makes you sorry when the book comes to an end. Very highly recommended.

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BBC NEWS | Europe | 'Hitler's nurse' breaks silence

(Via .)

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What Will Bush Be Remembered For? Torture.

An angry editorial by Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post echoes my feelings. Bush thinks he's going to be remembered for liberating the Middle East when in fact his legacy is a debasing of what America stands for by the callous, widespread use of torture.

Some prisoners were "rendered" to cooperating countries where old-fashioned fingernail-pulling is a routine investigative technique.

(Via AMERICAblog.)

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This Should Be Fun

The Stephen Colbert Show:

Comedy Central said yesterday that it was giving Mr. Colbert his own show: a half-hour that is expected to follow "The Daily Show" on weeknights and will lampoon those cable-news shows that are dominated by the personality and sensibility of a single host. Think, he said, of Bill O'Reilly and Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity.

Where "The Daily Show" and its host, Jon Stewart, generally spoof the headlines of the day (and the anchors and reporters who deliver them), Mr. Colbert's program will send up those hosts who have become household names doing interviews and offering analyses each night on the 24-hour cable news channels. The program, which is expected to begin appearing on Comedy Central as soon as early fall, is being produced by Mr. Stewart's production company, Busboy Productions.

(Via Eschaton.)

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An Audio Moment With Mr. Rumsfeld

Richard Nixon discusses with Donald Rumsfeld about how those blacks like to swing out of trees and stuff.

(Via Oliver Willis - Like Kryptonite To Stupid.)

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