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  Friday, May 20, 2005

Now's your chance to see it. The Futon Critic is reporting that the SciFi Channel well be re-boradcasting all 15 episodes of Firefly as part of its SciFriday lineup. The episodes will air before Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, and the one everyone wants to see, Battlestar Galactica.

Good news for fanboys and non-fanboys alike, and just in time to refresh your memory for the upcoming Serenity movie!

(Via SFSignal.)

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RON BAILEY spends a day at the Brain Spa:

Chatterjee cited an interesting poll in which people were asked whether they would give a safe drug to a child that would enhance his or her ability to learn to play the piano if they had the opportunity. Half of the respondents said absolutely not. They regarded learning the piano through persistent practice as character building and using pills as a cheat. However, the other half had no problem at all with giving kids a piano pill. What sets the stage for social and political conflict over enhancement technologies is that people on both sides in the poll were completely convinced that their view would be shared by everybody.

Chatterjee ended by joking that if his next NIH grant got turned down, he might "stop what I'm doing and open up a brain spa." Whether or not he decides to hang out a shingle, he predicted, "There will be a brain spa opening close to you in the near future."

I think they'll do good business.


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San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge would definitely have scored highly with our judges. With an odd image alignment at Yerba Buena Island, where one part of the shadow appears much darker than another.

More about the bridge at Wikipedia.

Bay Bridge

I love Google Sightseeing.

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