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  Monday, May 09, 2005

I was curious, so the other day I dropped this guy an email asking him for his source supporting this assertion:

Thomas Jefferson, whose "wall" between church and state was transformed into official neutrality between religion and irreligion, would not have atheists in his Cabinet when he was President.

Not surprisingly, I haven't heard a word from this guy. I haven't been able to find a source of this that predates Pat Robertson's assertion of this fact on May 1st. I have to assume that, like so much the wingnuts say about his allegedly Christian Nation, that it's simply fabricated.

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  • Warlords still dominate afghanistan
  • Outside Kabul, women still fearful of being in public spaces
  • Women's unemployment rampant
  • State of rural women's health is dismal
  • Women have no political freedom
  • Independent media under constant threat

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When I read this fairly shallow comparison of MySQL and PostgreSQL last week, I figured a comment storm like this would be generated. It seems like the same religious war erupts every time someone talks about MySQL. The big issue here is that MySQL will silently truncate data when you insert data that's too long. For instance, if you try to insert 15 characters into a column defined as varchar(10), it'll happily insert the first 10 characters, and not warn you. I got bit by this one last year one time, and didn't notice it until far too late to do anything useful about it; fortunately it wasn't very important data, and I was able to work around it, and essentially get all the "meaning of the original data. But the truth is, as a developer, you should be testing data on your own before it goes into the database, and MySQL's behavior is documented. It's also not the only database product that does this.

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William Kittredge profiles James Crumley, who, great news, has a new novel -- The Right Madness -- coming out next week! Crumley's third novel, The Last Good Kiss, is one of my favorite novels of all time. If he hasn't come up to that level since, he's still written a lot of fine books.

Jim Crumley, on station in one of his places, the end stool in the Depot, just to your right as you come in the back door. He sits against the wall, getting into his 10-year-old Macallan, Coors back. “First tonight.” Yeah, but what about this afternoon? He’s talking, laughing, grumping and eyeing the evening. What this is to a great degree about, as pals come along and slap him on the shoulder, is friendships. Crumley takes them seriously. He remembers a first husband’s name, the names of the kids, their dog. It’s important. A novelist’s mind, driven to know where life goes on, and how, even why, cruel or sweet, in all its details. What he doesn’t know, he knows how to find out, or look up. He takes people one at a time, quirk by quirk. Our downtown storyteller. A lot of people in Missoula love him for it.

(Via Rake's Progress.)

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