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  Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Turtles on the Lloyd Thaxton Show.The Turtles "Outside Chance".mov...

(Via Bedazzled!.)

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How could Newsweek's story be more corrosive than this WorldNetdaily poll?

What do you think of the Islamic reaction to the Newsweek article?

  1. It's unusually restrained, I would have expected more dead
  2. It's typical for Muslims these days
  3. An understandable response to severe blasphemy
  4. Islam is a religion badly in need of a reformation
  5. Anger is understandable, but killing each other makes no sense
  6. It's an extreme overreaction, but it has become the norm
  7. Muslims are hypocritical, they don't protest their own desecration of other faiths' holy sites
  8. It's time for Muslims to grow up

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Pelosi speaks:

"Democrats are setting forth the new ethical standard containing these six principles:

* Ban Members from accepting any gifts from lobbyists.

* Ban Members from secretly working with corporate lobbyists to write legislation.

* Ban lobbying by Members of Congress and high level staff for two years after leaving Congress.

* Enforce the ban on Members and staff soliciting privately-funded travel.

* Ban lobbyists from arranging and financing travel.

* End the 'K Street Project' - ban Members and staff from threatening lobbyists with official actions."

These are so reasonable and basic it's hard to understand why we're just now getting there. You'd think "no conflict of interest" would be the baseline, wouldn't you?

(Via No More Apples.)

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Your E-mail Suddenly FIlled with German Hate Messages? Here's Why

(Via Editor and Publisher: Today's Most Emailed Articles.)

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According to a literal reading of the Bible, the evidence that God controls the weather is, if anything, much stronger than the Biblical evidence that God specially created organisms.

The people who are so literal about the bible also are pretty selective about what they choose to believe. Read this great Panda's Thumb piece on meteorology and the bible.

6:17:47 PM    comment []

Mmmm beer: Is there anything it can't do?

Anthropologists say that antibiotics [tetracycline] found in the bones of ancient Nubians can be traced to their beer brewing practices.

...the Nubians would drink the gruel and probably allowed their children to eat what was left at the bottom of the vat. Traces of tetracycline have been found in more than 90 percent of the bones the team examined, including those of 24-month-old infants.

Love those Nubian family values!

(Via National Geographic News.)

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"Lonesome Road" by Gene Austin is an amazing song, clearly the "inspiration" for Dylan's great "Sugar Baby." With "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum" and "Bye and Bye," that makes three known cases on "Love and Theft" where Bob lifted melodies from other songs. I bet there are more. But it's still a great album, album, and in this case, even though Austin's is a fine song, Dylan takes it to a whole other level.

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