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  Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Very nice. Most have audio in mp3 or Real Audio.

(Via Cynical-C Blog.)

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The finalists for the 2005 Locus Awards have been announced over at Locus: Online. Dang, but I didn't read any of those novels.

(Via Notes from Coode Street.)

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From the radical right propaganda organ, AgapePress:
...A Pennsylvania school district that's being sued by a parent who was barred from reading the Bible in her son's kindergarten class is vowing to "vigorously defend" itself. In a letter sent home to parents, the superintendent of the Marple Newtown School District says it "upheld the law and did not discriminate against anyone or any religion." Donna Busch was invited to her son's elementary school in October as part of an activity in which the class learns more about a particular pupil, including having the pupil's parent read from a favorite book in class. She says her son was upset that she was not allowed to read from the Bible. Her federal lawsuit accuses the district of infringing on her right to express her religious beliefs and discriminating against Christianity.
Imagine if someone had come into class and read the Koran to her Christian 5 year old kid, unaccompanied by his radical right mommy.

(Via AMERICAblog.)

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