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daily link  Wednesday, March 1, 2000

A new foop. Top 10 Misspellings of Weblog URLs

How many dollars in campaign financing do you think this set of comments is worth?

I got a phone call at 8:07 am on my cellular phone, and it was a telemarketer from bulkregister.com telling me that I can register my domains through them for $10. I find that really hard to believe. Also, I frankly dislike phone spam as much as Internet spam.

Welcome to March, the gateway to Spring. Let's not forget to order our King Cakes in time for Fat Tuesday. (hint: you don't have much time.) Also coming in short order is SXSW Interactive.

Does this sound familiar? It's 4:47 AM here, and I'm still awake coding ecommerce transaction handlers for a site launching today.

A Tim Burton directed Planet of the Apes movie sounds great to me.

In other cool movie news, E! has a special Lord of the Rings section on their site for the upcoming movies. Their news page has some great material that scoops almost everyone else covering the movie.

Well back to work.

Soundtrack this morning: Machina - Machines of God by The Smashing Pumpkins. It's the new one, and I like it so far. I have to say that, for a band of their caliber, the Pumpkins Web site sucks.

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