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daily link  Sunday, March 19, 2000

A powerful rain and thunder storm will no doubt interrupt my work at any moment now with a power failure.  10:40:16 PM  permalink  discuss []  

I absolutely respect Lane. Great site, great writing, and he seemed like a really nice intelligent guy in my too limited contact with him at SXSW.(Truth be known I was a little intimidated by the Deep Leap posse. They are a really talented bunch.) I do not, however, think that this site could be quantified as "the bare minimum of creativity." I, however, have been wrong about these things before.  8:28:35 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Learning from Napster

"I am not here to argue for or against the use of Napster, but I will say that since getting on board the MP3 revolution I have purchased more music in the last seven months than in the past two decades, and maybe my entire life"
- David Strom

 6:25:22 PM  permalink  discuss []  

So I bought a Palm VII yesterday. I know what you are thinking: "But that has the same amount of RAM as your Palm V." I know, but I couldn't help myself. I charged up the transmitter last night and activated it. There are a lot more apps for it than I had originally thought, and there are ways to view live Web content despite the constricting "Web clipping" setup.

I'll let you know how I make out. 4:56:26 PM  permalink  discuss []  

I can already tell after just using it on a live site for about an hour that Blogger is only going to feed my blogging addiction. I can pound away and not worry about uploading and editing the raw HTML every time I want to add something to my site. I can tell that they have lots of other features to deploy that they haven't yet.  3:35:57 PM  permalink  discuss []  

I haven't forgoteen about my SXSW pictures. I just got pulled away by the need to redesign here. 3:33:00 PM  permalink  discuss []  

brig dares to cross the 3000 word barrier with brig.nu 3:20:55 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Via harrumph!, Brix Builder Demo.(do not follow this link unless you have a few hours to play) 3:17:31 PM  permalink  discuss []  

I'm a huge Lakers fan. It comes out of growing up in a time when Magic, James Worthy and Kareem were a dominant team. Today they are playing my other favorite team, the Knicks. Is it wrong to be a fan of two teams? 2:58:02 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Here we go, new design in effect. A few hours of testing this thing out, and I'll be ready to go live. 2:29:22 PM  permalink  discuss []  

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