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daily link  Friday, March 17, 2000

Okay, so I meant to post last night, but I was exhausted by the time I got home. My office had scheduled two meetings for me yesterday afternoon, so I got off the plane, drove straight to the office, then hit my first meeting. The second meeting was offsite and went until almost 7 pm, so I was just absolutely shredded by the time I got home.

It feels good to be home.

Now that I've had a day to digest SXSW a little, I think that the number one thing I brought home with me was inspiration. I talked to so many talented people who I found so inspiring. People who aren't afraid to do great things and hold themselves to a higher standard no matter what kind of project they are working on. So if you talked to me at SXSW, thanks, you made a difference in my life in some way. You inspired me.

I sorted through the 300+ pictures I took now to find the ones that are suitable for use here. I got about 60 good ones that I will resize and get up on the server tonight. Hopefully over the weekend I will post them to a set of pages.

Harrumph has the best thing ever from SXSW: movies of web people dancing. hehe go there. Her pictures are also really high quality.

I've become re-interested in Applescript for some reason. In tune with that in some equally bizarre way, Hell's Half Acre released some nifty icon oriented Applescripts today.

I read In The Beginning ...Was the Command Line tonight. I don't think I'm part of the target demographic for this book. I found it over simplified, and I can't agree with all of the assumptions and assertions that the author makes, most of which are driven by the authors evolving OS preference. For someone with a limited technical background, and very little awareness of the history of computers, it's not a terrible introduction.

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