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daily link  Monday, March 20, 2000

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later: Wetlog's SXSW album10:18:30 PM  permalink  discuss []  

ROTORtype has some fantastic fonts for Web use. For free that is.(via kaliber100009:17:17 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Apparently, redesigns are rampant again. iBoy has redesigned, Keith Brown has redesigned. Is is something in the air? 1:40:25 PM  permalink  discuss []  

For the record, and since it's been the number one source of feedback, there will be a duck up here at some point. Until then see Ben Brown and Weblog Wannabe for your duck needs. 12:13:52 PM  permalink  discuss []  

The reviews are starting to come in. riothero says, "Bump's new design is less bumpy." (What does that mean?) Heather says, "Ooooo la la. Bump rocks!" Thanks to both of you. 12:07:21 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Brad and Derek have both posted their SXSW photos and memoirs. Brad's had me laughing out loud. 11:52:22 AM  permalink  discuss []  

Okay, its early Monday morning. I'm far from finished with this site, but I got sick of looking at the blue design, and wanted to share this new space age thing I made. Most everything that is an internal link does not work. Sorry. I'll try to get to those pages as soon as I can.(Read: all my spare time will be dedicated to this task until it is complete.)

Some of the people and sites that influenced me in this design were Derek, Matt, Jack, Heather, and Jason. Big thanks to all of them.(Especially since I met all of them in person last week, aside from Jack who I already worked with.)  12:43:27 AM  permalink  discuss []  

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