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daily link  Friday, March 10, 2000

I'm at the end of my first day here, and I'm really enjoying things so far. I got(as you can see from the picture above) to talk with Harry from Ain't It Cool about the Lord of the Rings movies. I went out to lunch/dinner with Matt and Brad. I also met Nikolai, Heather, the guys from Deep Leap, Cam and Judith. Everyone is interesting. It should make for an interesting group dynamic when the rest of the crew arrives tomorrow.

I'm in Austin. I arrived late last night after my flight was delayed twice by my good friends at Delta Airlines.

i-drive announced "infinite space" today. What this actually means is that, when you sideload content from their partners, you can sideload as much as you want. So it's technically infinite, but in reality it's not.

Volume One has some seriously cool Flash content.

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