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daily link  Wednesday, March 8, 2000

Weblog Nation: It's a jjg joint yo so you know it gots to be good.

One nice thing about Ad Critic is that it gives me a chance to see all the slick negative campaign ads that the candidates are running in other states.

If I'm reading the text on this page correctly, it is illegal for one man to give another man a piggyback ride within the Atlanta city limits. (via usr/bin/girl)

Harry over at Ain't It Cool got to see the Lord of the Rings footage...

Hacking Apple's stupid round mouse.

The new Nokia 6210 supports WAP. (via Hear Ye!)

Tom Green's Bum Bum Song is available on MP3.com. There are also a bunch of remixes listed in the lower right hand corner of the page.

Never Cry Wolf, one of my favorite book and movie combinations of all time, has been released on DVD.

Connectix has started shipping the Virtual Game Station Playstation emulator for Windows. If it's as good as the Macintosh version, this is a must buy for gamers.

I've long been frustrated by Apple's online sales policies, so this move is a step in the right direction.

Problems with PS2 DVD playback? (via Mad Ownage)

My surfing patterns have changed quite a bit because of weblogs.com and linkwatcher. Now I check them first when I have a few minutes to surf. I used to go through my link list to the right two or three times a day to see if things had been updated, now I only do it once.

Salon has an interesting two part article(both parts are now up) on Romero's Daikatana development. Seems like it's been in development forever.

I don't know if I never noticed it before the redesign or if it was added when they redesigned, but the news section on the kaliber 10000 site amounts to a Weblog. I've started following it everyday, and they have been pointing at some really interesting stuff.

whassup.com features a new Rainforest whassup commercial in addition to the Superfriends one.(via kaliber 10000)

Editor and Publisher: Weblogs: From Underground to Mainstream

I suppose I should say something about yesterday's primaries and results. Not to be overly cynical, but we ended up exactly where I thought we would.

Array becomes the most recent blogover.

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