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  Saturday, September 21, 2002

A picture named amantenna.jpgA picture named ge3.gifRadio Reception - GE Super Radio III - Kloss Model 88

While Doc's moving to get a clearer shot at Mt. Wilson, I have a straight shot at it off the back patio that rarely requires me raising the antenna on my GE Super Radio (rt) or using the AM Loop Antenna (lt).  We used to sell these radios at near cost to our listeners. But when Farm and Fleet started selling them locally for $50, we let the local store handle them. Now Amazon's got them on sale for $38.00 and FREE SHIPPING. ($$ goes to pay the blog-freight around here.)

Despite the fact these radios are known for wildly uncalibrated tuning dials and the designer style of a paperweight, the GE Super Radio III has twin mono speakers for wonderful sound (excellent for AM,) RF stages, a big 200 mm ferrite loopstick antenna for AM, an external antenna jack, bass and treble control and wide/narrow switch for AM. Problems in zeroing in on the tuner can be manually handled by making a new template for the radio with a clear stickerset, or a decent marker.  For $38.00 you can't beat it.  

Kloss Model 1

A picture named Kloss2.jpgThe Kloss Model 1 (lt) or the upcoming new stereo verison (rt) Model 2 is going to be the next Radio in the Wehmeier Radio Collection. I got to play with the Model 88 over at Good Guys one afternoon. The tuner is as smooth as silk, and there are little touches that really make it a radiophile go crazy. The major problem is I'm not sure about the reception. Anyone know the PR people for Tivoli Audio? I want to do a serious review.

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