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21 November 2003

Gone to Dorset for some fresh air. Back in a few days.

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Images from the Victorian Internet on b3ta
[Boing Boing Blog < The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century]

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Software estimation the manly smell of a pipe way
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Cheese, coleslaw and what? [weyoftheweb via Ulterior]

Remember folks, you heard it here third.

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Photo Friday: Gatherings

Anna and Steve at Alice's Hawaiian birthday party. (Anna is not drunk. She's just high on ridiculousness).

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Tonia Thorne at the 12 Bar Club

Here are a few pictures from last night's gig. As ever, the 12 Bar Club didn't disappoint. The venue is small (motto: Not so much a rock venue, more a speaker cabinet), but that just makes it more fun. You can smell the fear of the new acts, and feel the joy when things take off. The main stage is about the size of a bath towel, and I spend much of my time there in a state of unresolved tension wincing at the near misses as the neck of a carelessly swung bass or guitar skims the skull of a performer.

An unexpected treat was Steve Lancaster who played keyboards and sang while the main acts were setting up. How to describe his act? Tom Waits meets Chas & Dave. He and the northern-accented compere added a surreal touch to the proceedings. An excellent evening.

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