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Saturday, May 31, 2003


Blogs, Wikis and Knowledge Building

Blogs, Wikis and Knowledge Building.

By now the picture should be getting much clearer. Blogs turn people into web pages while on the other hand Wikis turn communities into webpages. In this context we need to ask the question, "How does knowledge get built when you blog as compared to knowledge getting built when you Wiki? Microdoc News works towards an answer to this question ....

[Elwyn Jenkins: MicrodocBlogger]
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Jon Udell at OSCOM ->

bitflux  -> Jon Udell just finished ...

Jon Udell

Jon Udell during his keynote. See his slides here. Btw it was a really cool keynote. Unfortunately we didn't have time for discussion.


  • Technologist see systems from the inside out, users see them from the outside in.
  • Publishing sensibility vs. engineering sensibility. The irony: publishing is engineering.
  • Brent's "Law of CMS URLs": the more expensive the CMS, the crappier the URLs.
  • Weblogs are the first publishing medium truly of and for the Web
  • The art of hypertextual writing is still stuck in 1995.
  • A huge opportunity for a lightweight, Web-aware writing tool that integrates easily in CMS
  • Tim Bray: "what I consider to be the central lesson of the World Wide Web, the "View Source" lesson". (Grade school translation: Sharing is Good.)
  • People also spend a huge amount of time refactoring "in the small"
  • How will normal, non-emacs-using people write the semantic web?
  • It's still way too hard to write the Web in a rich way.

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What is a weblog? Technically speaking of course.

Dave Winer: What makes a weblog a weblog.

[The Scobleizer Weblog]
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WiFi Alliance 'caught with their pants down' says silicon maker

WiFi Alliance 'caught with their pants down' says silicon maker.. WiFi Alliance 'caught with their pants down' says silicon maker. First, I don't think LEAP can derail WPA; there's too much momentum behind standards. While CCX may not benefit hardware manufacturers, it benefits customers by giving them a migration path from LEAP to WPA. You can gradually replace LEAP-only Aironet cards with much cheaper LEAP/WPA cards, then when all the Aironet cards have been phased out you can replace the Aironet APs with cheaper WPA-enabled APs (probably with a or g instead of b, so that you get a speed boost at the same time). [Hack the Planet]

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