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Sunday, July 13, 2003


I vote for 'Pay for Usage'

I vote for 'Pay for Usage'.

Anil Dash says he's frustrated a bit by people asking him for betas of Six Apart's Type Pad. Heh, I get a lot of email like that asking for news or betas of Longhorn. I look at it this way, though. Folks who are clamoring to try out your product are going to be your best evangelists. Be happy you have them! I can't wait for the day that I have 1000 people a day asking me for Longhorn betas.

I have Active Words setup with a script for the answer, just in case.

[The Scobleizer Weblog]

Maybe what Anil is experiencing is the beginnings of the backlash of having no free version of TypePad.  That's gonna be one interesting meme to track.  Will a) SixApart ultimately benefit from having no free version, b) will having no free version hurt and stifle TypePad's acceptance, c) something else unexpected.

I know alot of people I've talked to think this is gonna hurt TypePad.  Should be interesting to see what happens.  I for one, vote for 'Pay for Usage'.

[Marc's Voice]
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Don't Be a Sharecropper

Don't Be a Sharecropper [Slashdot]

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Looks like AOL "journals" may support audioblogging by phone

According to the article by Leslie Walker , 'AOL Journals' To Bring Blogs To Millions,

"AOL will give members three ways to update their blogs -- through an online template with blank boxes for text input, through AOL's instant-messaging system or by telephone. The phone option will be available only to subscribers to the extra-cost "AOL by Phone" service, who will be able to leave voice messages that will be posted as MP3 sound files."

It is great to hear that the first generation of 'AOL Journals' will have a multimedia/mobile blogging component.

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One flaw in Bray's latest rant

There's one flaw in Bray's latest rant, something like 99.999999 percent of the people who use PCs use Windows PCs. That forces developers to opt for the trunk, to plow the mastah's field, if they like to be where the people are. Yes they like browser-based software, me too, but if they were editing their website for any length of time in the browser, they'd yearn for the good old days of WYSIWYG and spell-checkers (I spell really well, and would trade off wizzy for an outliner, and have). This is what the anti-trust trial was really about. Microsoft won't upgrade the browser the way Don Park says they will (see below) because that would help a free product cannibalize a for-pay product. They own both. We're about to yearn for the good old days of developing in a locked trunk, because we are now developing for a platform that's in the dumpster, and soon will be in the dump. At least the locked trunk was going somewhere. Of course, developers, idiots that they are, are fighting over bullshit instead of building something that's too big to fit in the dump truck. [Scripting News]

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AOL Blogs, um, Journals

AOL Blogs, um, Journals. According to a column by Leslie Walker in the Washington Post, AOL's v.9 will bring free blogging to its 34 million users, including RSS support. AOL is calling them "journals" because its market research showed that AOLers don't understand the word "blog." (Thanks to Bill Koslosky for the link.)... [Joho the Blog]

I guess we need to change audioblogs to mean "audio journals".

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Not so permanent permalink

Not so permanent permalink.

Joi stepped on an interesting blog-related problem when he was preparing to migrate his blog to TypePad.  It is a common problem, but it took me by surprise too.  Duh.  The problem is, as I call it, not-really-permalinks.  When you change blogging service provider/software or domain, your permalinks no longer points to your old posts, causing links from all the posts that reference your posts to be broken.

While most engineers would reach for a solution by reflex, I am busy thinking about how effective it is as a barrier-to-entry.  Opposite side is just as important: how effective an incentive is zero hassle migration?  So far, my answer for personal blogs is "important only to a small fraction of the market", meaning it is a serious problem only for blogging elites.  For business blogs, my answer is "important but less important than price."

Note that marketing can inflate the seriousness of the problem or the solution.

[Don Park's Daily Habit]
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mea culpa

mea culpa. I've re-read my original stand on rss and want to retract my statement about not buying default placements where (n)echo is supported. It was written in anger and not thought through properly. Itt was rather childish and I'm sorry I wrote it. I hope this mea culpa will clear the air for any further rss/(n)echo debate. [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]

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Blogs will fade away

Blogs will fade away.

I woke up yesterday with these thought.

Blogs will fade away within two years.  What we know now as blogs will not be recognized by web users of tommorrow, not as blogs, but as websites.  Website technologies and blogging technologies will converge into one.  People take it for granted that webpages can be edited using their browser.  People will also take it for granted that any webpages can be subscribed to with a single-click.  Web browsers will be changed to support all this and more like highlighting of changes.

[Don Park's Daily Habit]
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