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Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Description of Audioblogging session at Day 2 of BloggerCon

On today's to do list: Writing the description of Audioblogging session at Day 2 of BloggerCon.

When: October 5, 1:30PM-3:00PM
Where: Pound 200
Discussion leader:  Harold Gilchrist
Who attends: Webloggers that are interested in adding audio to their present weblogs, software developers that are interested in developing audioblogging software, listeners that want to subscibe to audioblogging feeds. 
Description: This discussion will be a balance of technology and content.  The leader will focus on demonstrating some of the tools that can be used to add audio to weblogs, methods the leader is developing and using to integrate audio into his weblog, RSS enclosures and a discussion about where the future of audioblogging is heading. 

This will be a "live" post and conference description that I'll be creating hopefully with your feedback.  I'll be writing and updating this through the day with feedback (you!!) and my thoughts.  If you are attending and want to speak about audioblogging let me know.  Even if you don't want to talk, let me know what you like to see presented on the subject of audioblogging.  Let's make this session fun and the point that kicks audioblogging to the next level.  Give me your comments.
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.NET Rocks show was downloaded by more than 15,000 people

Carl Franklin says his .NET Rocks show was downloaded by more than 15,000 people last week. Wow.

This week they have a bunch of interviews with the Visual Basic.NET team.

[The Scobleizer Weblog]
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