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Monday, March 25, 2002

Hey, cool. Looks like Leslie took up my challenge to start his own blog very nicely. I'm very pleased to have brought a professional journalist into the fray.

Leslie, one thing you'll notice is that bloggers are hawks. They have lots of data coming into them from many sources. Weblogs.com, DayPop, Referer stats, and even good old Google. They know when someone is talking about them. It's creepy the first few times someone picks up on something you wrote with them not even directly contacting you. But I think it's cool, too. It's a way of saying, "Yes, I am watching, I am paying attention, and I am here."

I think one of the things Dave was doing with his link to my piece was to send traffic (readers) my way. This weblog doesn't do terribly too much traffic. It sent quite a few readers this way, and I appreciate it. We are playing with our Tinker-Toys. We're learning cool ways to stick things together, and how interesting things that can happen when we put specific pieces together. We're even learning how to make our own pieces that fit together with the existing parts. The cycle continues. Ultimately, it's about making data flow from one place to another just a little bit quicker and easier for the next person to come along.

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Keeping up with the tradition of distilling the Net, here we go, a triple-slam of stuff from the Pioneer Press:

The rise of blogging echoes the emergence of grunge music in the 1990s. Blogging is raw and noisy, a homemade alternative to mass media, much as grunge thumbed its nose at slick stadium acts.

Whether blogging breaks into the mainstream, however, hinges on something a lot of bloggers don't care about: big money.

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