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Saturday, January 13, 2007

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Here's an article about Governor Ritter and issues important to the rainy side of Colorado, from the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. From the article, "Gov. Bill Ritter said in a Friday interview with The Daily Sentinel's editorial board that he will strive to make his metro-centric Cabinet more geographically diverse as he progresses through his four or eight years in office...

"He said, based on his experiences campaigning on the Western Slope, he made an understanding of watershed drilling a requirement for the top-level positions that deal with those areas...

"Ritter said the failure of Referendum A, which would have given the green light to $2 billion in unspecified water projects, sparked a rethinking of water issues in Colorado. He said the focus has been on encouraging reuse, water-storage projects and conservation methods and not transmountain diversions. 'I believe the days of the transmountain diversion are over,' Ritter said."

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Coyote Gulch received a shout out this morning in Dave Kopel's column in the Rocky Mountain News. Mr. Kopel writes, " is a left-leaning blog with a special focus on Colorado water issues. By collecting water news from sources all over the state, CoyoteGulch proves a great resource on a critical Colorado issue, even if you disagree with CoyoteGulch's water policy viewpoint." Thanks!.

We're wondering if this'll help us get that press credential for the 2008 Democratic National Convention? It can't hurt.

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