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  Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Cherry Creek News: "Watching the Republican race for Governor is an interesting story in contrasts. The Beauprez campaign is professional, establishmentarian, a bit like the Coors campaign of two years ago, without the charisma or quirkiness of the beer magnate candidate. The Holtzman campaign is constantly moving, feinting, adjusting, using issues to leverage red-meat conservatives and their passions. Right now it is immigration. After beating Beauprez about the head and shoulders with Referendum C last year, Holtzman is like a saavy NBA defender, with sharp elbows dealt furtively while the feet never stop moving. And that is high praise, particularly given the history of both basketball and Colorado politics. Just watch out if Beauprez has to take a vote on a compromise immigration bill this spring. Back the president or anger the base back in Colordo? Holtzman even deftly paints recent polls by Rasmussen and Zogby to his advantage, and uses a blogger named Mt. Virtus to salt away his somewhat wacky case. But if Holtzman runs only slightly behind Beauprez in the match-ups with Ritter, why not take the chance? Holtzman seems today the better campaigner, and why not bet that horse in November."

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