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  Friday, April 21, 2006

From today's Denver Post: "A day after saying the state Republican convention might be rigged against him, gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman filed papers Thursday that would let him petition his way onto the August primary ballot. Holtzman stopped short of launching a petition drive but said he wants to keep that option open in his campaign against Rep. Bob Beauprez for the GOP nomination to succeed term-limited Gov. Bill Owens. The state party insisted it wants a fair election and sent both sides five pages of proposed guidelines that include having a uniformed sheriff's deputy in the tabulating room, privacy booths for voting, and a ban on cellphones and other electronic devices."

Here's an article from yesterday's Denver Post with background about Holtzman's convention worries. They write, "Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman on Wednesday threatened to spurn his own party's convention, saying he doesn't trust the candidate-selection process. For weeks, Holtzman has accused party leaders of backing his primary opponent, Bob Beauprez. On Wednesday, he sent GOP party chair Bob Martinez a letter citing 'grave concerns' over the 'potential for widespread fraud and manipulation' at the state convention next month. If a list of 10 election process requirements included in the letter are not met, Holtzman's spokesman Dick Leggitt said, the campaign might go around the party process and petition the secretary of state's office to get on the ballot."

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