Saturday, April 19, 2003

The Saturday Morning Post - Referrers: The Who of Weblogging.

Webloggers want to know Who is linking to them. That's why we look at Referrers. A Referrer is the URL of some page on the internet that links to your web site. A Who. Who thought enough about your writing to tell their community about what your wrote. The Who...the personal communication side of as important as the "How Many people read my site" side of weblogging.

It's a concept that continues to take adjustment for me. As I said yesterday (down in the "Referrers" section). Maybe I'd been in a "quantity over quality" mindset since the advent of websites. Wanting to be able to answer that "How many hits to your page today" question instead of the "Who did you talk to today" question. Weblogging stresses the conversations not the broadcasts. But it sure doesn't hurt when you can get a little broadcasted!

I track Referrers to and The Live Show at using Technorati, a cool web service mentioned in our chat with Doc Thursday. With this very-'rati'-ish tool, you can see what weblogs are linking to my sites and what they are saying. It's called a Link Cosmos at Technorati. Check these out

  • Link Cosmos for
  • Link Cosmos for

    Not much linkage. Yet.

    I wonder if you could run Technorati (or like service) for a workgroup or an intranet setting, compiling weblog communication links for an organization? And you display those links on an agreggator page that functions like Steroids. In addition to the listing the name of the website that's been updated, you also list the name(s) of the websites or URLs they linked to. An idea.

    No Saturday Morning Post would be complete without a hint of the weekend plans, which include some digi-photo off-loading (imperitive), the big company Easter Egg hunt, and family gatherings tomorrow. The G4 needs Virtual PC configured and I really need something to grok file organization on a Mac or OS X or whatever paradigm I should be grokking in my Switcher role. Bill Yeager and Buddy Blue interviews need to be digi-chopped, uploaded, and posted. And the playlist from last Thursday needs posting. And next weeks extravanganza needs planning. And some business use cases need to be written. Ouch.

    And I need to post a few pictures to the site myself. Nice pelican.

    Cheep Cheep. Happy Easter (Weekend)! VO
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